Below, Iʼve selected a few pictures from my portfolio to show some of my strengths as a tattooist and to demonstrate that I use a range of styles and techniques in my work. A couple of them are cover-ups - see if you can guess which ones! If you are interested in seeing more you are welcome to follow the links to my facebook page or instagram - or come and visit me at the studio.

About Me

I started working in a tattoo studio in 1995 in Auckland, New Zealand and have been a full time tattooist in England since 2000. I ran a studio called ʻPhysical Poetryʼ in Leeds for about 9 years - by which time it had expanded far beyond my original intentions and housed three other talented artists. Limited space led me to close that shop and, together with Fil Wood, reopen in our new home: Black Crown Tattoo.

My aim as a tattooist is to listen to my clients, so that I understand what they want, and then use my experience and creativity to make something we can both be proud of. I see my artwork as something that is constantly evolving, both personally and in response to the different ideas of the people who trust me to work on their skin. As such, my body of work isnʼt in one set style - each piece is a kind of collaboration.

Check out some designs from my portfolio above, or follow the links at the foot of the page to my facebook page or instagram to see what I'm working on now. If you want to know more, please feel free to use the details at the bottom to call, email, or come and visit me at the studio.


• Once your tattoo has been finished it will be covered with a light layer of vaseline and a plastic non-porous dressing, which should be left on for approximately 3 hours. This is the only time during healing that a dressing or vaseline should be used. During this time the fresh tattoo will weep a small amount of clear lymphatic fluid and blood - this is normal. The dressing will prevent this fluid from drying and becoming hard to remove

• After 3 hours remove the dressing and wash the tattoo thoroughly. Do this with warm water and plain soap (not perfumed, not coloured, just kind...). Lather lots of soap onto your hands and rinse the tattoo well after cleaning

• It is preferable to pat the tattoo dry with something clean. A clean towel or kitchen towel is ideal

• A few minutes after drying apply a small amount of Savlon antiseptic cream

• Repeat the above procedure twice a day for the first three days. The surface of the tattoo will dry out and stop feeling tender - at this point you can switch to a light moisturiser if you like - something that you know works with your skin. Dry skin that is well moisturised is less likely to catch on clothing and get damaged, or be uncomfortable.

• It will take between 7 - 10 days on average for the tattooed surface skin to flake away. This must happen of it’s own accord. Don’t be tempted to pick the flaking skin, as this will cause damage and could lead to scarring or an infection

• Avoid alcohol in the first 24 hours and swimming or soaking in the first week. In the first couple of months it is best to avoid exposure to strong sunlight, and subsequently to use sunblock to stop your tattoo from fading. Sunburn damages your skin and that shows in the appearance of a tattoo so take care


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